Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Such a Pretty Fat

What I like about Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster is the way it spoke to me. I could totally identify with this woman trying to lose weight without denying that food, indeed, is awesome. If you are expecting the typical tale of how a shy and insecure woman lost weight and through being skinny found herself, then this is not the book for you. Jen Lancaster has a very in-your-face attitude and is proud of who she is no matter her size or how much she loves to eat. What drives her to want (and I say want, because you read half the book before she actually really takes on a diet) to lose weight is her health, not the way she looks. It’s a great book to remind us the real reason why we should lose weight, because we want to be healthy and happy.

The book is extremely funny and sincere; I initially picked it up while I waited for my boyfriend to be done drooling over the math and science books at Borders. The cute cover and the quirky name attracted me and I thought I could check out what kind of bull crap this Jen Lancaster was going to try to sell me about losing weight, but what I found was funny and addictive and even after my boyfriend wanted to leave, I wanted to take the book with me. I didn’t have the money and after considering for a few minutes if I should slip it into my purse, I realized that I was about to break the law for a book and sadly put it back. But I came back for it the next day. I recommend this book for anyone that has ever gone through diets or if you have ever doubted that you are amazing.

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